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Becton 25

Becton school has created the Becton 25. This is a list of activities we aspire for our students to achieve whilst they are attending Becton. These activities range from engaging with and enjoying some of the simple pleasures that exist in the natural world around us, to the dream big, once in a lifetime opportunities, that enhance a young persons experience.

Our rationale is to improve the Cultural Capital of our young people. Cultural Capital is where an individual is knowledgeable about a wide range of ideas and has experienced lots of different activities in their life and, furthermore, is comfortable talking about them to others. They are able to use their experience and skills to deploy the appropriate knowledge in any given situation such as when building networks or during an interview etc.

Once equipped with Cultural Capital, children are able to turn this into credentials that can be used to acquire advantaged positions themselves.

We want to support our young people to have the opportunity to acquire Cultural Capital. We also want to make memories and have fun!